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Milky Peach Studio

Selenite Plate | Flower of Life

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The name Selenite derived from the ancient Greeks goddess of the moon, Selene. Selenite is a high vibrational crystal that can cleanse other crystals, objects and spaces. Place crystals on top of selenite (or beside it) for a few hours or overnight, then cleanse the selenite afterwards. Selenite enhances spiritual connections to angelic communication and spirit guides. Metaphysically Selenite promotes purity and honesty, which assists in metal clarity and decision making. It also clears negative energies and blockages.

Caution Selenite can disintegrate in water. Take care as Selenite is a 'soft' crystal and has a hardness of 2 on the MOHS Scale.

This beautiful Flower of Life patterned Selenite Plate is ideal for simply placing crystals to cleanse or use for gridding which can be for affirmations, manifestation and intention setting. Choose your crystals intuitively (what draws you), or you can research a specific energy you would like to amplify.

Measurement Approximately:  7 - 8 cm diameter x 1 - 1.5 cm thickness

You will receive one Selenite Plate, chosen intuitively for you, please note each piece is natural and may vary slightly.