About MPS

Welcome to Milky Peach Studio,

Milky Peach Studio is a space I created to share my love for crystals and jewellery. In the early days, I was making jewellery for fun, gifting them to my friends and selling on them on Etsy, during my final years of high school. I never thought I could make it a full time job so I stopped to go to university. I returned to my true passion all these years later to give my dream a go.

This store is entirely run by me and you will see my partner and I at markets around Sydney!

My favourite crystals which I am drawn to, in no order at all, are: Celestite, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Spirit Quartz, Agate and Rose Quartz. To be honest though, it is difficult to name a few out of the hundreds of crystals out there, I do find myself drawn to different crystals and different times. As I do love Carnelian, Selenite and Clear Quartz too! As you can see I just love all crystals.

Thank you for following me on this journey your support means the world to me.